Technical translations

Our team has a vast amount of experience in translating complex technical texts. These include texts from the nautical sector, software translations, construction drawings, user manuals for all types of equipment, safety sheets, and more. The translators we assign to these types of texts specialise in technical translations, because it is imperative that the translator has a comprehensive understanding of the text they are translating. In addition, we work exclusively with translators who are native speakers of the target language, which ensures that the correct grammar and terminology will be used.

Some of the many specialities of our technical translators are listed below:

  • Air and space travel
  • Mechanics/robotics
  • Automotive
  • Physics
  • Chemical engineering
  • Telecommunications technology
  • Computers/hardware
  • Computers/software development
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Energy
  • Medical technology/nuclear technology
  • Electronics
  • Nuclear physics
  • Internet technology
  • Patents
  • Printing technology
  • Transportation and logistics

We translate millions of words every year for our clients. You will see below a number of translation samples taken from actual translations that we have completed for our customers.

Translated for customer:

Document: Manual CT Scanner


Language combination: Danish to English

Project size: approximately 200,000 words

Subject area: Medical technology

We translated a user manual and maintenance guide for a medical scanner. We received the text in the Framemaker format and our medical technical translation team provided a perfect English translation. We were able to attain a twenty percent saving on translation costs by using translation memories and a medical-technical terminology database.

Flow charts

Translated for customer:

Document: Functional designs

Language combination: Dutch to English

Project size: approximately 4,500,000 words

Subject area: Software translations

A functional design is drawn up before programmers start coding software. This document provides the programmer with instructions and software specifications. This text is often full of specialised terminology which is interchanged with normal language.

Flowcharts, examples of programming code, and database table names can lead a translator down the wrong path if they are not experts, because a lot of the text should actually not be translated.

Only a specialised software translator with knowledge of programming languages, software development platforms, and technologies such as Java, SOAP, .NET, and XML can make sense of it all.

Document: Corporate website

Language combination: English to Spanish, French, German, and Italian

Project size: 6,000 words per language

Subject area: Website translations / telecommunications

The text we translated for Stream is only slightly technical, but the real challenge was the translation project itself. The texts were delivered to us in .asp source code.

The customer wanted part of the content on its website to open up in Spanish, French, German, and Italian.

When translating a website for this type of service provider, it is important that translators have an engaging writing style and, at the same time, can work in a technical format such as ASPX and PHP. They also used special software to process web pages, such as TagEditor and Trados. The result is an accurate and easy-to-read text. And that’s what it’s all about.


Translated for customer:

Document: Newsletter

Language combinations: Dutch to German, English, Portuguese, and Spanish

Project size: 2,000 words per language

Subject area: Chemical / technical

Vopak sells tank terminal networks worldwide, and is a market leader in this area. We translated articles for their internal newsletter. As Vopak is active on a worldwide scale, the newsletters are distributed in several different languages. The articles are technical in nature, but they also have to be easy to read. This is where our translators shine. The texts are first translated and checked for correct terminology usage. The text is then proofed and modified so that the final result is easy to read. This all takes place quickly and at a competitive price, as a result of the recurrent nature of these orders. Also, the same translators always work on your text, so the standard and style remains consistent. Ask your project manager for examples of translation work in your subject area if you want proof that we walk the talk.


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