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Technical translations

Fasttranslator translation agency can look back at many years of successful translation of technical texts. Whether its a manual, assembly instructions, a technical handbook, user guidance or a report of a technical investigation, we’ll be happy to translate it for you. Our technical translators are native speakers of the target language and have the requisite technical background. So you can be confident that your translated documents will meet the highest quality standards.

Speedy delivery

We will complete your technical translation quickly. Our Project Managers will analyse the text and provide you with a price quotation, without obligation.
As well as the target language for your translation please also indicate your desired deadline so that we can deliver within your desired timescale.
Our technical translators are native speakers of the target language, as well as having many years of practical experience in their technical fields. They have a thorough understanding of the relevant technology. So for example a text about software will be entrusted to a software specialist. The translated text will closely follow the source text, and where possible it will be delivered in the same format as the original. So it’s ready for immediate use! We are also happy to deliver text in more complex formats such as InDesign, XML or HTML.

Technical translations: pricing

Because we work with a fixed pool of translators we are able to make highly competitive price agreements. As a result you will find that our charges are often significantly lower than those of other translation agencies. To quickly receive a price quotation just fill in the details in our quotations module. Our calculations are based on the number of words, the document type and of course the source and target text.

Speed and quality

When you choose Fasttranslator to carry out your technical translation you can count on speedy delivery. Our translators work evenings and weekends. You will always have a fixed contact person, and we will only be satisfied with the work when you are. Our translators use CAT (Computer Assisted Translation) tools and translation memories to support them in their professional translation work, helping to ensure high quality and consistency. You benefit from:

  • Reduced costs for repetitive texts;
  • Reduced costs for modifications to existing translations (an updated user manual for example);
  • Lexical consistency through the use of terminological databases.

These translation memories can also be called upon for further communications at a later date.
Examples of the types of technical translation work we undertake.

We have built up a wealth of experience over the years, working with more than 150 languages. See below for examples of our technical translation work:

  • Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
  • Manuals for the offshore sector
  • XML, AutoCAD and InDesign
  • Medical/technical translations
  • Software
  • Apps and desktop applications
  • Websites

Examples of technical translations we can assist you with:

  • Translation of Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
  • Manuals for the offshore industry
  • XML, AutoCAD and InDesign
  • Medical/technical translations
  • Software translations
  • Translations of apps and desktop applications
  • Translations of websites