United Kingdom

Medical translations

As a translation agency with a medical specialisation we can call on the services of translators with expertise in the many and various sub-fields of medical science. We are thoroughly familiar with the medical field and the types of translation that are required.

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Financial translations

Banks, investment companies, insurance companies: they are all part of our client base. Financial translation demands expert knowledge of the market and the jargon. Our specialist translators stand ready to provide you with financial translations of the highest quality.

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Technical Translations

Experienced project manager and translators work with our in-house language engineers in our technical translation department. All our translators are native speakers of the target language and have years of experience with the translation of technical materials.

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Legal translations

A large proportion of our work involves legal translations, including sworn translations for the commercial market. Our legal translators are familiar with all aspects of jurisprudence and the legal world. We deliver legal translations of the highest quality.

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Every sector is unique, with its own idiosyncratic terminology, and the automotive sector is no exception. Our translators are familiar with all aspects of the vehicle industry.

Packaging industry

Need to translate your product packaging? At Fasttranslator we have decades of experience with the translation of product packaging.

Business communications

A good translation has just as much informative power as the original text. Our translation agency has long experience with all sorts of commercial communications.

Commercial translations

Need to get your commercial message across in foreign parts? You’ve come to the right place: Fasttranslator!

HRM/personnel management

Human Resources Management (HRM) also needs translations. It may be a Diploma or a CV, a staff manual or notice of dismissal. We deliver high quality translations in the HRM field.

Scientific translations

Experience over more than two decades equips us to deliver highly specialised translations. We liaise closely with the author when preparing scientific translations, allowing us to provide the high quality translations you would expect from an ISO certified translation agency.